Dec 2019

FreshPlus is a community-based Supermarket chain providing quality fresh food, continental and local grocery products in a modern and friendly atmosphere. They specialise in a wide variety of Halal Meat and Deli products.
In their brand, new FreshPlus Craigieburn (VIC) outlet you can find a great range of Criocabin latest cabinets and technology. When entering the store, customers are greeted by a custom-made coffee desk, this is followed by a matching semi-high Elisir display case which the customer is using for its signature Turkish delights. FreshPlus is proud of their fresh meat display which is presented in a highly tailor-made Explorer K static gravity coil counter.
These cases have been designed with an oversized display deck of 1250 mm. in a special configuration: our aim was to maximize the display area with the minimum impact on the ergonomics.
The line includes also a multiplexed hot case and all counters have been equipped with IP65 LED lighting.
This is one of the biggest fresh meat displays in Victoria, and certainly a centrepiece of the store.
We congratulate FreshPlus on making the innovative decision to install CO2 Transcritical technology as the refrigeration system for their new supermarket.  The decision to use Transcritical CO2 was based on energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of the system.
Criocabin and our Australian partner AJ Baker are proud to have been involved from the outset in assisting in the design, procurement and installation of this project; and providing FreshPlus with a state of the art refrigeration system that is not only energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but provides their customers with a wonderful shopping experience.

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