Nov 2019

The FARM restaurant on Mokotowska street in Warsaw has just opened its doors. In accordance with the vision of the investor, Italfrost, with considerable help from the manufacturer, equipped it with the highest class refrigeration equipment manufactured by the Italian company CRIOCABIN. A cooling serve-over counter ETOILE was installed to display fresh beef of Aberdeen Angus, in which an innovative cooling system called G-CONCEPT . It involves the use of a glycol exchanger system and air intake by a specially designed fan system. Thanks to this solution, the ETOILE element for fresh beef keeps humidity over 90%. Meat exposed in such a counter does not lose its culinary and visual value. Sausage products are displayed in the ETOILE cooling counter too and in the EPS device that was mounted on the wall behind the refrigerated counter. It presents meat products from the Hungarian Mangalica pig. Another innovative solution used is the GENESIS cold room built into the wall, in which the front wall is a thermal glass, and at the rear glass sliding doors are mounted. The customer sitting in the consumption room sees the display of fresh, mature meat, can choose the right element for him, which will be prepared in the open (behind the glass) kitchen. For beef maturation We used a beef maturation cabinet wchich was placed in the last room of restaurant. It is a fully automated device in which humidity and temperature are regulated in accordance with the selected program. For ripening beef, an EDB device was also used to display valuable beef elements. The complete refrigeration is complemented by a refrigeration cold room in the back room and cooling of the food preparation room. All devices are powered by a modern I-COOL unit. The restaurant enjoys great recognition of connoisseurs and consumers who, thanks to the devices used, have at their disposal fresh products from Masuria – the nature Polish land of lakes.

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