Aug 2020

Manzini & Co. belonging to the Realco Group is a cooperative company founded in 1959 and the founding member of the Gruppo Sigma Nazionale.
With the refurbishment of the Sigma store in Imola, in operation since 1986, the intention was to enhance the display of products by adding extra brightness and transparency, making everything easier, clearer and more accessible for customers. 

Elegance, distinction and refinement catch the eye when entering the Sigma store in Imola. 

A bright fruit and vegetable area, a customised Criocabin island with an internal area with a member of staff who cuts and packages on request, as well as external shelves for displaying dried fruit and ORGANIC products. 

The self-service area hosts the new Encore 1000 F, designed to give maximum performance while occupying a minimum amount of space. Then a promotional product area has been created with four ERIN LARGE display cases with condensers and a self-cleaning system. It is ideal for making promotional or zero-kilometre products visible and accessible. 

Both sides of the dairy-food area host an Encore 1000 S, the new Criocabin multideck refrigerated display case, offering high visibility combined with an amazing volume capacity that is perfect for a contemporary Grab & Go service.  In the central area, promotional islands have been created for ready-to-eat cold cuts and cheeses, giving priority to local producers and promotional products.  

Consumers are guided through a shopping experience in the butcher's area with a series of Energy display cases, offering a visible display of fresh meat products, as well as promotional areas for pre-packed fresh products and ready-to-cook products.  The butcher’s area leads to the fish area, with an Emerald display case for fish and shellfish and an ERIN LARGE display case for ready-to-go products. In the delicatessen area, we can find Enixe refrigerated and heated display counters for cold cuts, cheeses and delicatessen products. We wanted to give a real touch of class to the delicatessen area by creating a tasting area for themed aperitifs, with Sigma products and wines displayed in an iconic Genesis Wine Coldroom, tailor-made by Criocabin.  Thanks to Elena and Donatella’s trust in us, we are proud to have contributed to the success of this excellent all-Italian store.

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