Restaurant, what passion! Shabby Grill Restaurant - Milan - Italy

Oct 2020

The desire to stand out is increasing. Shabby Grill originated from the desire not "only" to offer excellent dishes to enjoy but to express the image of a dream. Walter and Dante have chosen the highest quality cuts of noble meat, from Japanese Wagyu to meat reared in Trentino and Spanish Rubia Gallega that is dry-aged for up to 60 days. The ancient method of aging meat, rediscovered in English-speaking countries, is becoming increasingly popular in Italy too. Criocabin meets this trend in the catering industry with its EDB display cabinet for dry-aging, which not only guarantees the best meat maturation process but is also a true masterpiece of technology that elegantly displays the product. 

Shabby Grill wanted to combine EDB with Il Magnifico; the glass display cabinet for noble cuts of meat, inspired by jewellery showcases. Elegant design, sophisticated materials and CRIOLED ® interior lighting with customised glass/steel shelves. Thanks to the use of Argon noble gas, Thermopane glass panels guarantee excellent thermal insulation.

EDB and Il Magnifico, a real eye-catcher in this “meat location” in the heart of Milan.

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