“Non Solo Carne” butcher shop

Aug 2019

Gioiosa Ionica Reggio Calabria

Once again, Criocabin #meatinnovation confirms its iconic role in the field of innovative butchery. From father to son… and the tradition continues through vocation when choosing Criocabin technology.

Today, Cosimo and Antonio run the butcher shop opened by their father in 1967. “Technological renewal is a prerequisite, which takes shape in a trendy design and a new concept, that of the Deli-butcher shop in order to meet the needs of contemporary customers”, Cosimo points out. Customers are now demanding not only fresh cuts of meat but also those that are ready to cook, a wider choice of simple and quick to cook products, as well as a tasting corner of local wines and cheeses.

In collaboration with its retailer Fraietta Arredo, for “Non Solo Carne” Criocabin has proposed Etoile, the top-of-the-range product in its Custom Made collection, combining an elegant horizontal Etoile display case with two vertical display cases with CrioLED® lighting for its refrigerated shelves, sliding glass doors at the rear and glass sides. A double vertical section: a section for deli products and a butcher section for the finest cuts of meat. G-Concept technology is the outcome of a decade-long study by Criocabin specifically focused on meat preservation. G-Concept is a ventilated refrigeration system with a static refrigerated base that uses glycol as a refrigerant.

By choosing Etoile with new generation G-Concept technology, “Non solo Carne” has joined THE GOLD BUTCHER CLUB, which represents Italian excellence certified by Criocabin technology.

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