Feb 2020

A cutting-edge butcher-Steakhouse concept store has opened in the Vrilissia district north of Athens. Designed by a prestigious architecture studio in Athens, it successfully combines functionality with aesthetic appeal by creating a visual path with the aid of an S-shaped refrigerated display case.

The project was researched and implemented in meticulous detail by our team of technicians in collaboration with Inoxcon in order to provide tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of the customer and the architecture studio, ensuring the highest technological and functional performance.

A winding visual path features alternating open and closed corners, ventilated refrigerated countertops and Bain-Marie heated countertops with a heat lamp for the Rotisserie and hot take-away food area.

Our Ebony model with a pearl white front panel, a white Corian work counter and CRIOLED lighting have allowed this store to create an original and unique shopping experience and serve as a backdrop to one of the most modern Steakhouses in the area.

Thanks to Nucleus connected to the Wi-Fi network, Martakis Butchery keeps all functions under control and at its fingertips via a smartphone or android tablet. The Wow Remote app by Criocabin provides the customer with all the advantages of remote control and ensures constant and monitored functioning.

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