Feb 2019

With four concept stores dedicated to gourmet customers in search of quality products, the Le Silpo chain represents locations of excellence in the main Ukrainian cities.

For the latest inauguration in the city of Odessa, Criocabin has designed and created a series of special counters, in accordance with the customer’s specific requests, based on top-of-the-range models. Thanks to high performance in terms of presentation and preservation, they enhance exquisite products that are always served fresh.

From the Ebony range, both A and D versions have been created with the self-service, neutral circular island to display fruit and vegetables; various linear and corner compositions both for self-service and assisted service, and with ventilated refrigeration to display cold cuts, cheeses, deli products, fish and caviar; the heated version with its H-Combi system and the neutral one with integrated hotplates for meals that are ready to eat or freshly prepared; the G-Concept version especially to preserve meats; a self-service section with an increased worktop to integrate the EDB preservation cabinet; and finally, a BT version with rear doors. The Epsilon model is present in a fish display version with an ice bed and Corian worktop, as well as rear sliding doors in Plexiglas. For the patisserie, the Esprit model was chosen in its 200 version and 350 version for chocolate with rear doors, alongside the Elisir 200 model. All products have been developed for perfect integration with the furnishing finishes completed by the customer during the job.

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