Sanitization with Hydrogen Peroxide: Criosan

02 Jul 2020

CRIOSAN is the solution by Criocabin to the current need for safety and hygiene through prevention and sanitization in commercial and private environments.


Criocabin has developed a new range of sanitization cells with hydrogen peroxide H2O2 in collaboration with a strategic partner in the medical sector: Medicair Food S.r.l., the R&D centre for implementing innovative products and technologies for the food industry, catering sector, research institutes, universities and public administration bodies.


Criosan is designed for decontamination and sanitization of bacterial or viral loads thanks to the action of hydrogen peroxide.


The solution of Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 guarantees optimal disinfection of surfaces thanks to the development of active oxygen, with a broad spectrum of action. It is biodegradable, also active on surfaces soiled with organic substances, stabilized over time, and does not cause bacterial resistance.


Hydrogen Peroxide is active on bacteria, viruses such as Sars-Cov-2, spore mushrooms and protozoa.


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