22 Jun 2020

The classification of materials according to their reaction to fire is one of the fire prevention measures required both in Italy and in Europe. 

The UNI CEI EN ISO 13943/2004 standard in Italy and the UNI EN 13501-1 standard in Europe are intended to assess the reaction of a material that by its decomposition contributes to the fire affecting it under certain conditions.


The Ministerial Decree of 15 March 2005 introduces the table that compares Italian classes with European ones in order to apply laws that require a specific reaction to fire.


CRIOCABIN ELLE, thickness 70 and thickness 100, have been acknowledged and certified in the top class both in Europe and Italy:


In class Bs2d0

in compliance with the European standard


In class 1

in compliance with the Italian standard

for non-flammable combustible materials.


Naturally, we can provide a copy of the certification for customers who request it.


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